LinkedIn has become an easy way to build your online branding and present yourself in a professional setting. LinkedIn has become a network that you not only share your online resume with others and helps you to find the job you have been looking for.

It is important to show that you are a professional on your LinkedIn profile and for your profile to stand out to others. Here are 3 tips to make your LinkedIn profile more professional.

1. A Strong Detailed Profile- When setting up a LinkedIn account, this is the closest thing to a resume that is online for others to view. It is important to fill everything out in the fields they provide so that nothing is left blank.

2. Customize Your Profile URL- This is something important to complete. If you do not customize your LinkedIn URL, it will give you numbers and random letters for the URL, which will make it difficult for anyone looking to find your profile online.

3. Have A Professional Profile Picture- This is one of the most important things on your profile. By having a professional picture posted on your profile, this will show others that you a professional and how you present yourself.

By Megan Flint
By Megan Flint

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