When most people hear the words “social media campaign,” their minds go straight to Facebook and Twitter. Isn’t there anything different we as PR professionals can use? Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, LinkedIn, Google+, maybe even a combination of these, are non traditional social media platforms that can help you freshen up your tired social media campaign.

Take a page out of Urban Decay’s playbook. They created a contest on Pinterest, letting users create their own boards with their favorite Coachella festival looks. The prize? Free Coachella festival tickets.

Vine, a microvideo sharing platform, is another great tool to facilitate relationships between you and your target audience. Mashable does weekly Vine Challenges, asking users to create six second videos based on the presented theme. The ones dubbed most creative get featured in a follow-up article.

Think LinkedIn is only usable to connect people to people? Think again. LinkedIn is actually the third most popular social media channel after Facebook and Twitter. Microsoft uses their page to provide behind-the-scenes view of the company, Q and A sessions, blog posts and much more.

Google+ is a relatively new social media, with most people still questioning what to do with it. Kohl’s has used a fashion-oriented Google+ campaign for their Peter Som line. Both influencers and Kohl’s posts alike are found under the hashtag #PeterSomforKohls.

Whatever social media you choose to use, just make sure you know what your audience wants, what they need and how to speak their language. “With the right mix of content and creativity, any campaign can become social” -Heike Young

By Courtney Keeffer
By Courtney Keeffer

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