One of the complaints that new graduates have when starting their first job after college is how ill prepared they feel to work in the real world in a real office. They’ve spent the last four (or more) years at a desk, reading books and writing academic papers and doing academic presentations. Nothing prepares PR students better for the professional world than working in a student run firm.

By participating in PRSSA at Weber State and joining the student run firm, Ogden Peak communications, Weber State Public Relations students get to manage teams, design campaigns and execute those campaigns for real clients throughout the semester.

The skills learned during the semester contain everything from learning to find clients to preparing PR campaigns and executing the strategies that the students themselves designed. With opportunities to do research and learn more about the different strategies and tactics needed for different components needed for different types of PR campaigns such as media relations, PR writing, social media and more, students leave the PRSSA experience even more prepared than the average student for the professional world.

Applicable work experience to put on a resume and building your portfolio is an added bonus, but having the confidence in yourself that you can complete the job you’re hired to do is the real benefit to having put in the time while in school.

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  1. Nothing like starting a new career with some experience.   Not only do the employers like it, but it helps in allowing you to be one step ahead of your competition.

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