There are many advantages to joining PRSSA at Weber State.  Benefits to your life in the present and in the future.  PRSSA is many things.  It’s a class.  It’s a club. It’s a working PR firm.  It’s a place to connect with the other PR students at Weber State.

The Class:  We have guest speakers on a variety of topics.  Last semester we heard about Crisis management, Health Care PR, Job seeking skills, and Resume tips from experts in the field.  Another helpful part of class are hands on workshops to work on specific areas of PR practicing what we’re learning.

The Club: When you join PRSSA at Weber State you’re part of a professional network of PR professionals.  You can attend these professional events and make contacts and network to find internships, jobs and learn more about the PR field.  As a club there are also social activities that help you get to know other PR students on a personal basis.  Isn’t attending class more fun when you’re attending with a group of friends?

The Firm:  Ogden Peak Communications is the student run PR firm at Weber State.  We have real clients with real PR needs and we’re helping them achieve those needs. What better way to prepare for your future in the PR world then to have hands on experience with actual clients?  There are leadership opportunities as well as tuition stipends.

What does this mean to you?  Bottom line is that all of this will prepare you for getting a job in the next year or so.  That is what all of the benefits of PRSSA point to, building you into a top notch, employable Weber State Graduate.  Through resume building projects, portfolio worthy work and applicable activities and guest speakers.

What has Weber PRSSA done for you?

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