Weber Pathways

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Project Description

Weber Pathways (WP) is a nonprofit organization based in Ogden, Utah. This organization is structured around planning, promoting, constructing, and protecting non-motorized trails and related open space in Weber County. WP provides a number of benefits throughout the community including encouraging outdoor recreation, enabling residents to travel safely to their destinations, trail education, and bringing together the community.

A team of Ogden Peak Communications students created an integrated marketing plan to:
– create and streamline a consistent calendar of events
– create new events
– better understand the organization’s target audience
– find donors who are willing to donate consistently on a monthly or even quarterly basis.

At the completion of Fall 2013, the team accomplished the following:
– Assisted in the coordination and planning of a special screening on 1Revolution held at Peery’s Egyptian Theater
– Created promotional flyers for the special event
– Raised $1250 in donated raffle items and raised $2500 in total for special event
– Created a marketing plan to be used for event planning

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