Intermountain Donor Services

Project Description

Intermountain Donor Services (IDS) is a federally designated, nonprofit community service organization dedicated to the recovery and transplantation of organs. With a target audience of 18 to 24 year old college students, IDS is focusing on ways to increase registered donors throughout campuses in Utah. House Bill 93 (HB93) was passed in Utah that requires higher education institutions to send notification to their students regarding the availability of organ donor registration and transplant. Ogden Peak Communications is working to establish a successful process in regards to this bill and the current public relations competition.

– Created content for social media posts to dispel myths about donation
-Coordinated face-to-face outreach at Weber State University sporting events
-Coordinated promotion of organization’s comedy night special event
-Created poster to promote comedy night special event
-Filmed and coordinated the creation of a series of eight television ads to dispel the myths about organ donation titled “The Adventures of the Misinformed Comic”
-Created a a media/influencer list with appropriate story ideas for later use

Account Executive: Maria Jacquez
Team: Anna Fiorello, Bret Lindley, Mulu Hale


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