Public Relations skills are useful on many different career paths. For example, being successful in the political world requires knowledge and the application of PR. Politicians use many PR tactics to gain traction in their campaigns, especially during election season. Here are five of these tactics:

1. One of the tactics used frequently is simple repetition. This is evident in many campaigns. Candidates often have five to six major topics and then break each talking point down to a few simple words. Then, they continue to repeat these topics in interviews, rallies, debates and on their social media feeds. Simple repletion is a very successful tactic in the political world because it works: people tend to remember those simple messages.

2. Word association goes hand in hand with having campaign logos. Politicians often create a brand for their campaigns. Having an image that can be associated with the candidate makes them more memorable. Candidates will create websites, billboards, social media pages, bumper stickers and all sorts of collateral that have the same logo on them.

3. Hosting specials events is a commonly used PR tactic. Politicians hold special events, or rallies, in the locations where they need the most votes. This can help more individuals get involved in the political process. Therefore, these special events are an important activation tool.

4. News releases are a way to deliver messages through the media without having to pay for sponsored content. Many politicians release statements through several media outlets. Thus, news releases are an old-fashioned but effective way of getting their preferred message out to the public.

5. Social media are fairly new tactics. Ten years ago, when social media began its rise, politicians could still be successful without utilizing such distribution channels. Nowadays, it is impossible to gain much traction without it. Social media have become essential in politics in many ways. Every city and state government has some form of social media presence as a way to reach constituents. Social media make it easy for politicians to stay connected with those they represent. This also leads to more transparency, making it easy to keep track of what is happening on the state and national level.

These tactics are not only used by politicians. Many unions, special interest groups and political parties use these same tactics. For example, the Republican Party is associated with the elephant and the color red, while the Democratic Party is associated with the donkey and the color blue. The NRA has a logo, a website and social media outlets. News releases are crafted by groups when proposed bills affect them directly.

Whatever political cause you advocate for, PR tactics are more important than ever to achieve your goals for society.


Thais Stewart - Recruiting Officer

Thais Stewart

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