As a public relations professional, how does diversity benefit you or the people you’re trying to communicate with? Whether we recognize it or not, the PR field is engulfed in diversity that influences every aspect of our work.

Diversity holds a broad and ever expanding definition in the field of communication. Obviously it means to embrace people regardless of age, gender, education, racial background or sexual orientation. But it doesn’t end there. We also take into account a person’s experiences, knowledge, strengths, weaknesses, values and ethics.

When you look at the Weber State University Chapter of PRSSA you see just that. A wide variety of skills, experiences and student lifestyles that makes our classroom so unique.

By implementing diversity we create a more tailored team for any given situation. Not only does this help the team complete the work, it can expose them to new interests, talents and knowledge.

Because PR isn’t a one size fits all solution, every individuals’ skills and experiences can help create a message that could resonate with a larger audience. A more diverse team can give a new perspective on a project that otherwise might be misinterpreted or poorly received.

To put it simply, diversity keeps things interesting by helping us think outside the box. It enriches the learning experience, encourages personal growth while challenging preconceptions and stereotypes.

Diversity not only helps shape who we are, it also influences who we might become. Without it, we risk becoming stagnant, complacent and inexperienced.

By Matthew Norman
By Matthew Norman

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