You may think you’ve done everything right to land your dream job; however, here are five items you may not have thought of that you can truly scare off a potential employer:

1)    An Unprofessional E-Mail Address: This is a problem that seems like common sense, yet many people disregard it. They continue to use emails like “”  or “” Go for something more professional like “”

2)    An Unprofessional Online Image: How many of us have posted or shared things on Facebook or Twitter that a potential employer could misinterpret to be offensive? You may feel protected by enforcing privacy settings to hide somethings; however, your cover page or profile picture can say a lot about you. When on social media, think if what you are sharing is something you want your future employer to see.

3)    Job Hopping: Job hopping scares off employers too. No one wants an employee for only two months before needing to hire and train again. If you have job hopped it’s best to maybe leave some jobs off of your resume and only list the ones that can highlight skills most relevant to the job you want.

4)    Poor Communication Skills: This extends not only to your resume, but to your cover letter as well. Potential employers will look to see how you are able to relay information in the written form. Be aware that your will grammar will be checked, so make sure you are proficient and literate.

5)    Unrelated Facts: If you are applying to be a customer service representative, talking about your experience with mowing lawns is irrelevant (unless you are applying for a lawn care company.) Make sure that information that you provide is relevant towards the job you are seeking.

Remember these five items frightening for any employer when applying for your next job.

By Stetson Smith
By Stetson Smith

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