One of the greatest perks of Weber State University PRSSA is receiving advice from experienced PR professionals doing amazing things in the field.

On September 17th, our PRSSA class welcomed Trey Fitz-Gerald of Real Salt Lake (RSL) as a guest speaker. Fitz-Gerald is the Vice President of Communications & Broadcasting for RSL. It was great to learn from Fitz-Gerald because he was willing to discuss any questions we had and let us know that nothing was off the table for discussion. Learning about his role with both external and internal communications showed our class how RSL operates.

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Our class received some insights to the world of sports from a PR perspective. He told us that it is not a job for everyone because working in sports can take-up weekends and holidays; however, for those who are passionate about sports, there is no better place to practice PR.

For those of you who missed out on class, or are not a member of WSU’s PRSSA chapter, here are some first hand tips on how to get a PR job in sports:

• Writing skills and communication skills are “one to 10” on the list of qualities RSL looks for to join their communication team
• Having attention to detail is critical, especially when dealing with statistics in sports
• A great personality and strong work ethics are a must
• Have an open mind and look for new ways of doing things

“We want people who feel like they can make a difference,” said Fitz-Gerald. “You can teach all the other stuff. If you can find a creative way to tell your story or a players story or the organizations story, that’s going to get you in the building.”

We thank Trey for joining our class and letting us learn from his experiences. Learning from PR pros like Trey is what will prepare WSU PR students for their future careers.

Christa Lindley Publications Editor
Christa Lindley
Publications Editor

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