Weber State University (WSU) currently is the home of seven academic colleges. Each college is sub-divided into departments that offer bachelor’s degrees. However, an offering of the associate’s degree is less common, and only a few of the colleges on campus are able to boast this fact. The Telitha E. Lindquist College of Arts and Humanities hosts the communication department, and as such, is announcing its new associate of communication degree.

Many students view the associate degree as a stepping stone on the way to gain a bachelor’s degree. The benefit of pursuing an associate’s degree is locking in those general credits early, and less worrying less as graduation with a bachelor’s degree looms closer. An associate degree is the celebration of at least two years already in school and is a reminder to many students that they are halfway there.

Working with the Department of Communication on this associate degree entails deep and intense research. Research is key to everything in Public Relations, and must be fully understood in order to progress.We will be analyzing all aspects such as objectives, strategies, key messages, publics and the current situation. Once this research is in place, the promotion of this degree can move forward.

Ogden Peak Communications is very thrilled and excited about the chance to work in-house with the communication department on this new associate degree. This degree will offer new options and chances for incoming students looking to secure their futures. This degree will secure students passion of communication early-on in their school careers.

Camille Twitchell
By Camille Twitchell

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