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Reaching a PR plateau? Need something fresh to change the game? The answer might have been under our noses the entire time! Google+

Do you ever get the impression that no one uses Google+? Is it just a fad like Friendster or is it really the next Twitter? Some say that if you’re ignoring Google+, you’re falling behind. Google+ can be a great tool for reaching your publics as a PR professional.

Google+ has two killer apps that will eventually draw the public in. The first is Google+ Communities, a feature that allows groups to form around particular interests. This feature is a great tool for PR professionals. The feature is similar to that of the Twitter platform and has some of the same elements that Facebook offers. What sets it apart from these two social media networks, however, is the ability to join the community as a brand, which you cannot do on Facebook. This allows you to interact with your potential customers, influencers, and people of interest. Google+ can give you access to influencers who might not notice you elsewhere.

The second major Google+ feature is Hangouts, which enables group meetings, discussions, or demonstrations. Both Facebook and Twitter don’t have that. How can you or your company make good use of this feature? You can organize a panel discussion about something pertaining to your company, which can then be uploaded seamlessly to YouTube; this feature allows you to be very professional and with very little effort.

If you’re not using Google+, take a few moments to set up an account. Once you’ve created it, here are a few tips to build a solid reputation:

Create differentiated content- no one should be reposting the same thing over an over on all social media platforms

  1. Be conscious of time – Posting things or creating groups at certain times is key to reaching the broadest public
  2. Use it often

Google+ is unique with its different features; use it to your advantage to create an image for yourself, your company or your client. Much like the early Twitter adopters, who won huge audiences as more people discovered the service, you can leap ahead by engaging and using the platform now rather than later.

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