th-13 Tips for Improving Your Communication Skills

By Grant Dellow

Communication is the most needed skill in the world. We use it every single day of our lives and it is essential to get by. Whether you are going to the grocery store to buy food or talking politics with your neighbor, communication is necessary. So why do people have problems communicating with one another? Why can we not understand each other sometimes? Why do we spend so much time “beating around the bush,” when a concise straight forward statement would solve the problem? Who knows, but here are three easy things to do to increase your communication skills.



Listening is the most important of all the communications skills. Listening is important in all aspects of communication, personal or professional. Improving your communication starts with how you receive the communication of others. Take your time with listening by paying attention to the person speaking. Ask for clarifications if needed. Do not just allow yourself to be confused or unsure. Not only should you be listening to the words being spoken, but also their body language. Body language will give silent clues about what your speaker is truly thinking and feeling.


Take Up Writing!

Writing is important to communication because it allows a person to relay information easily and clearly. Writing is something that can be improved upon throughout your entire life. I’m not saying write a book or anything, but start somewhere small and move forward from there. Blogging is an excellent way to improve your writing skills. By writing about something you are interested in, you can put more feeling and emotion into your words and your writing. This helps improve your skill and makes you more desirable in the professional field.


Do Not Give Up!

For some, communicating comes easy. For others, it is one of the hardest things to do. DO NOT GIVE UP! Do not let yourself fall into the trap of “I can’t do it.” Take some time to relax and refocus your thoughts. Clarify everything that you can and do not be afraid to ask for help. One of the main problems people have with improving their communication skills is that they give up. If you have problems with something, don’t be afraid to ask for help. There is always someone who is willing to help. If you are having problems communicating with another person, take the time to try and figure out what is going wrong and look for solutions to help fix the problem.

These 3 key steps, if practiced often, will you allow you to become not only a better communicator, but a better professional too.


  1. It seems like we should just remember these things- but as human beings we always tend to forget! Good article! 🙂

  2. Awesome post, Grant! Recently, i’ve noticed that the more I write, the better my communication skills get.

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