by Laycee Moss

 For a lot of college students, graduation is just around the corner.  So jump up and down, be excited, and mostly be proud that you have finally made it! Although you may be the end of your college career, you have a lot of things left you still need to accomplish before waving Adios.

 1. Schedule an appointment and meet with you advisor.

As being number 1 on this list, it should be number 1 on your list too. You should already be meeting with an advisor often, but this will be your favorite meeting. Talk with your advisor to make sure you are on track to graduate and what specific last minute details must be done before they will sign off your graduation papers. Remember, depending on your major and minor, you may need to meet with multiple advisors.

 2. Submit a graduation application.

Did you even know you have to apply for graduation? Now you do. This application is to tell the graduation commencement folks that you want your name on the commencement and that you want you diploma. This is a very easy step. Once you have met with your advisor, ask about the application and any deadlines you need to be aware of. Fortunately, we can apply online for graduation. The application is in our eWeber Portal under your Cattracks tab. It will be the second from the bottom saying, “Graduation Application.” There are five easy steps in the application and if you do need help don’t be afraid to ask your advisor.

3. Finalize your Resume.

I know your resume will never be finalized, but enable the help from professors and other college services. This will help your resume stand out to employers. Even if you have to start from scratch- take everything you want your future employers to know about you and put it on a single sheet of paper. If you need to start by having multiple sheets that’s fine too because your professors will help you cut it down.

 4. Start applying for Jobs.

Take initiative to start searching for your next job. If you do get an interview, explain in that interview that you are about to graduate and that you are ready to take the next step in life. Don’t use those exact words, but something along those lines.

 5. Take advantage of Career Services.

There is a reason why part of our tuition pays to have a Career Services department. They have connections already set up with employers so they know of many jobs that you can apply for. They also are there to give advice on resumes. They even have mock interviews that allow you to see firsthand some of the bad habits that you have in interviews. They offer many different types of Career Development class. They also help you create a LinkedIn account if you need the help. Take advantage of all their services!

 6. Attend Extra Curricular Activities.

This one may seem weird, but let me explain. If you attend any extra curricular activities your department is throwing, it is a great way to network. Certain activities are open for those who are already working in your field, so you can meet and networks with established professional individuals.

7. Relax. But not too much.

Last, but not least, relax. You are about to graduate! Have fun your last semester. With that being said, you still have priorities that need your attention. Do not put classes aside to do all of these other steps. They always come first. Don’t let your GPA drop because you are tired of school and want to get out. Have fun and congratulations on your graduation!


  1. I can’t even tell you how many I have rewrote my resume to include everything I need it to. Gahhh

  2. As a soon-to-be-graduate, I couldn’t agree with this list more! I’m glad I’ve started to apply for jobs now rather than later in the game!

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