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How has the field of PR changed over the years?

Over the years the Web has become a large part of how the world communicates. Mediums such as social media are just one of the many ways that communication can be achieved in the world today. Across all industries, the Web has changed the way public relations practitioners do business. The public relations field is a great example of the changes that have come with the internet and social media and here are four examples.

 1. Social Media has Made Information Available Directly

Target audiences are easier to be reached thanks to the availability of social media. Liking a page on Facebook, posting a photo on Instagram or posting a tweet through Twitter has become the new wave of expression amongst society. The Web allows a message to be heard all across the world in mere moments. One professional may have thousands of followers on these websites. The way of traditional print media is seeing a steep decline. Companies know that social media is the future, thus they are using it as a primary medium and new platform for awareness.

2. Crisis Management Messages (good or bad) Will Spread Instantly

When it comes to crisis management (a viable aspect of public relations) delivering a message real time is critical. Audiences do not want to wait for the media, but want to know what is happening when it happens. Public relations practitioners need to be aware that if nothing is being said, then audiences may take that as a negative message. The impact could be that this message is spread to millions instantly. Responding in real time with a positive message is essential to any crisis management team.

3. Bloggers are Part of Public Relations

Bloggers are now a significant part of public relations. They can be used to reach different types of niches that public relations practitioners cannot. Networking with different types of bloggers is very important. They are able to talk to the audience and persuade the audience in such a way that sometimes cannot be attained by a practitioner.

4. Tools Make Public Relations Easier

A practitioner needs to utilize the tools made available in order to make their career easier. These tools come in a variety of different options. One example would be using a source to track web traffic and trends within the media. Once these tools are mastered, a public relations practitioner will know how to face any situation.

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