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We’ve retired 2013 and have settled into 2014.

Now its time to start looking at what 2014 holds for the world of Public Relations. In December 2013, the top 60 up-and-coming millennials (ages 30 and below) in the world of PR were asked to compile a list of what they predict to be the top trends of 2014.  Throughout all 60 lists, there were 10 reoccurring trends, which H+K Strategies Global compiled.

Story Telling: It’s important to produce an emotional response with your audience; an easy way to do this is to tell a story with your product. The public will feel a connection if you allow your product to take on its own life.

Campaign Strategy: Yours need to be reevaluated. With news and media constantly updating, you no longer have time to wait for tomorrow’s paper to promote your product. You need to offer your client prompt research and response.

Native Advertising: The ability to integrate your advertising with social media platforms. Create messages that can fit seamlessly in the public’s view. You are no longer limited to print advertising.Take advantage of sites such as Instagram and Twitter.

C-Suite Coordination: Company executives are wanting the same access they have with corporate details, such as banking, to carry over to advertising and marketing. Allow them a forum to input their opinions.

Integrated Campaigns: Because of the constantly expanding world we live in, you no longer can or need to operate alone in public relations. PR Campaigns of 2014 need to strive for integrated campaigns. Team up with your marketing, sales and legal departments to produce campaigns that cover all necessary aspects.

Hyper Targeting: You have access to all sorts of measurements and surveys; you need to take advantage of them. Don’t shy away from a small target market if it includes significant investors. Take advantage of your ability to target these important markets regardless of size.

Content Creation: Clients are no longer expecting you to just relay their messages. Be ready to also create the messages on their behalf.

Visual Communication: Multimedia fluency is no longer an option. With platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Vine and YouTube, you need to be able to relay your messages visually. This ties in with Native Advertising, as you will also need to make your messages flow.

Social Media: Are you seeing a theme yet? Not only should you be using these media websites to relay messages, start becoming an interactive company. Talk with the public, ask questions and respond to their problems and questions. This interaction will create an excitement and loyalty around your client.

Research and Measurement: In the past, clients have always had positive feedback towards raw data research. In 2014 however, we will see a focus placed on perceptions the research reveals rather than just the raw data.

It seems that the future faces of Public Relations can all agree, this year will be about finding your customers in the places they frequent rather than expecting them to search you out.  2014 will also be about reformatting your approach and taking visual and social media to a whole new level.


  1. Content Creation really is so important now days. I’m luck to have a member on my team, (Trevor) who is great with doing these kinds of things. I hope to learn a lot from him!

  2. Thank you for posting this. Knowing about the latest trends will put us one step ahead of everybody else. In the filed of Public Relations, that is very valuable.

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