What is networking?  Networking is all about talking to people and building relationships.  Contacting professionals and creating relationships is vital for building your career.  Networking opportunities arise through almost any new encounter.  It is beneficial to build relationships with professionals who may help your future career development, but also with people throughout the community.

The time to start networking is now. It may be as simple as sharing in interest in being successful with other students or faculty members at your school.  They will remember this and help you get an internship or find a job.

Even if you have found a job don’t stop networking.  The job market is very competitive and advancing in your career may not be very easy.  Networking will help you find a job, but it will also help you grow  in your career.  It is important to network within your organization and outside your workplace.

Expanding your network could happen through meeting anybody.  It’s important to keep track of the contacts you have made while networking.  You never know when you will need to contact them.  It may be smart to contact the professionals periodically and let them know about your career development.

Would you rather have an entry level position or an upper level position?  It’s possible to find an entry level position through the normal application process.  Having an inside connection is what makes the difference to finding the senior level position you’re looking for.

It is never too early to begin networking, and there is never a time to stop networking.  Networking can be helpful when finding a job, changing jobs, or even growing on the job you have.  Keep track of the contacts you find, because you never know when you’ll need them.  Most importantly, be ready to help the people in your network when they reach out to you for similar help.

By: Tasha Petroff


  1. Networking is so important.   When out in public you never know when the opportunity arises to network for yourself professionally so always be ready to answer questions and create contacts with people who can help you professionally.

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