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Biofit Bootcamp is a training facility- not your ordinary gym. Typically gym memberships are purchased to lean up, bulk up, or build the confidence that has been lost with time. These great aspirations are destroyed by inconsistency. Hard work is a consistent requirement with the ever-evolving body, and training by yourself decreases the reality of achieving your goals.

Biofit Bootcamp has created the perfect environment for all to achieve the results they want by putting them in an atmosphere that they love and need. It is not a bootcamp like the army when if comes to criticism and yelling, but it provides the same results that you would see in that kind of bootcamp.

Biofit offers two different classes for two different types of results. One is for those looking to lose weight and tone up, the other is for those looking to bulk up and gain weight (body building). With certified, friendly, and inviting staff you always have something to look forward to when going to the facility.

Requirements are one hour a day for up to six days a week, although you can even go up to two hours a day if you prefer. Prices are $150 a month with a year contract or $200 a month without. If you want the results it does take hard work and diligence. The staff of award winning employees that will push you. Stretching yourself is hard,but that’s how differences are achieved.

Part of achieving the body of your dreams comes with diet as well as exercise. If you have dietary questions, you can meet with Biofit’s trainers to develop a healthy eating plan.

With free weights, elliptical machines, and machine weights, hard work is made fun at Biofit Bootcamp. The instructors understand the mental and physical challenges of dedicated fitness.

by Cade Lubeck

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