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The world of Public Relations is expanding immensely nationally and internationally. If you are looking to branch out into the PR world as a newly graduated student, you will need to decide on what type of public relations you would like to do. Sports? Politics? Investor relations? Technology? Nonprofit? There are several choices to choose from. They key is finding what you’re passionate about. Public relations is about getting involved in your message, helping your client meet mutually beneficial satisfactions with its audience and, ultimately, helping people feel.

Regardless of the PR path that you choose to follow, we’ve compiled a list of the current top 5 International public relations firms to watch this year:

1. Edelman is based out of New York, NY. This company is one of the largest international  public relation firms. It expands worldwide, with over 4,800 employees and they reach across to more than 30 cities.  In 2011, Edelman was ranked one of the “A-List Agencies” in both 2010, and 2011. And in 2009 ranked as one of the top PR firms of the decade. This company is also listed as one of the top ten best places to work for newly trained public relation majors. They have worked with projects such as Halo, Brandshare, Lipton, and the Hilton Hotel. To find more about their work go to

2. Apco Worldwide is one of the largest reputable PR firms in the Asian-Pacific pharmaceutical industry. Apco is notable throughout the worldwide market. Located in Washington, D.C., they have a very respected workplace. Apco’s philosophy is to, “provide exceptional service to clients, locally, but to also have the capacity to think and work globally.” They appreciate their employees and believe it is important to go the extra mile with a reward recognition program for their outstanding workers. You can find more about Apco at

3. Waggener – Edstrom Worldwide (WE), located in Bellevue, WA has 5 global practices that focus on marketing, brand strategy, public affairs, healthcare and technology. WE has been around for over 30 years and has worked with national and international companies across the world. They currently have offices in Europe, Africa, Asia, and in the Middle East. The company founded by current CEO and President, Melissa Waggener Zorkin and has worked with clients such as Casio, Microsoft, Emergent and many more. You can find more about WE at

4. W20 Group located in San Francisco, California. W20 is a PR firm that is known for its inter-web of independent networking. This firm focuses on leading drive changes, business growth for new and old companies, research, marketing and communication and it serves as one of the top leaders in brand organization. Founded in 2001, this company is fairly new to the market in comparison to the other leading firms. But don’t let that fool you. They have worked with just as many top dogs than any of the other leading PR companies. Such as, Michaels, Mitsubishi, Medtronic, Yoplait and Hershey’s just to name a few.  You can find more about the company at

5. Ruder Finn in New York City. Ruder Finn (RF) is one of the largest independent PR firms. Expanding into Asia, Europe, North America, and even into China. RF leads the industry with award-winning service in both the digital and studio field. Focusing its efforts on creativity, client commitment and innovation. They are firm believers and advocates of having an artistic, innovative and creative working environment. RF has worked with clients such as Microsoft, Mountain Dew, PepsiCo, and Matrix.  You can find more about the company at

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  1. Edelman would be awesome place to work. Most of the amazing PSAs that we learn about in Dr. Kim’s class are from Edelman group.

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