When you finish your degree and go out into the world, what do you think will matter most? Your grades? Your classes? Your emphasis? Your internship?

All of these things matter. But in this day and age and in the economy we have, what matters most is your real-world experiences. In the world of PR, it’s not just what you know and what you’ve done in a classroom, it’s who you know and what kind of experiences you’ve had working with real clients and solving their real Public Relations issues.

Here at Weber State, we have a fantastic chapter of PRSSA, and a student-run firm, Ogden Peak Communications. This is an organization that is open to anyone who wishes to join and can give students from all majors a chance to get real experience in the world of Public Relations while we still have a teacher to turn to if we have questions.

Whether you work in this firm as the President, an Account Executive, or just a staff member, you will get actual experience to interact with clients and give them the kind of experience and change that they are looking for.

Ogden Peak Communications is a great way to build a resume and give yourself the extra boost when you’re out in the world looking to turn that degree into a job.  Being a member of PRSSA provides countless networking opportunities and creates real life situations where you can apply the things you’ve learned in school to a job-like atmosphere.  

If you would like more information, check out the firm’s website, weberstateprssa.com, like us on Facebook, or contact Yeonsoo Kim in the communications department.

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  1. Ogden Peak Communications has been a definite asset in the way of receiving hands on experience and allowing a student to solidify their decision to be in PR.   Also it allows the student the ability to make many important professional connections with possible future employers by allowing them to see your work while working with them as clients while part of the firm.

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