Joining a professional organization is a great way to build personal and professional relationships through networking.  When done correctly, networking can connect you to people and places you would not have reached otherwise.  As a public relations student, Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) is an ideal organization for enhancing your education, broadening your network, and launching your career.

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Enhancing Your Education

  • Information, news and intelligence.
  • Practical application and experience through competitions.
  • Scholarships and internships for students.

Broadening Your Network

  • Networking opportunities such as state luncheons and national conferences.
  • Webinars and social media forums to make connections.
  • Access to current PR professionals through local PRSA chapter.

Launching Your Career

  • View the PRSA job center.
  • Become a PRSA associate member for only $60 a year.
  • Access to resources for new professionals.

PRSSA is committed to providing students with the information, support, and connections they need to stand out in the ever-competitive field of public relations. PRSSA also gives you the benefit to work with the student run PR firm on campus.  This experience is valuable to your future job seeking, giving you experience managing teams, working with actual clients and hands on knowledge of how to apply your academic experience with real world experience.

By: Militia Earl

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