One of the tasks that PR professionals are always doing is sending their agenda out to the media. The hardest part of this process is getting that media’s attention. Why, out of all the many stories that they receive, should they write about your client? What is happening with your client that makes their readers or listeners want to pay attention? Here are a few tips to make your pitch be a homerun.

  • The subject line. You know- the box at the top of your email where you usually write the first thing that comes to mind. Actually think about it. Your subject should be succinct and professional. This tells your contact what they need to know in about 8 words or less
  • The First 2 paragraphs are your selling point. If a reporter or blogger is not interested, they will move on quickly. You have to capture their attention from the get go. Think about is as a first impression. Don’t make a bad one. If you do they will read on about other information
  • That does not mean send them 5 pages of information. Your message should be at max, one screen. You give them the top facts they need to know, and if they are interested, they will contact you for more.
  • Know who you are pitching to. Make sure you are sending your pitch to the right outlet, but also to the right person. You don’t want to get your pitch sent to a medium that doesn’t cover subjects like your client or send it to the wrong gatekeeper altogether.
  • Establish a relationship. Reporters and bloggers are more willing to work with people they know. This means follow up with your contacts promptly. This also means be professional. It’s now what you know, but who you know. Your contacts are everything.

By: Shaquille Heath

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  1. The one thing I learned in doing pitches is know all the pertinent information beforehand, know something about the person you are pitching to and be passionate about what it is you are pitching.

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